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The Arabic Every Day team teaches Classical Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic, Levantine Arabic, Quranic Recitation (Tajweed) through the Al-Qaida Al-Noorania Curriculum, and Quranic memorization. We teach native and non-native speakers and have classes for all ages. Our goal is to bring you to the highest levels of mastery of the Arabic language through courses for all your language needs

Who are we?

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Arabic Everyday is a team of specialists in the field of Arabic pedagogy. We work with you to meet your specific needs and achieve your goals on a timeline that works for your lifestyle. The instruction of all teachers is supervised by Ms. Rafah who is a highly skilled and well-trained teacher of Arabic. She has a Masters in teaching Arabic as a second language to non-Native speakers and has taken many training courses in teaching Arabic to native and non-native speakers in Cairo. She has over twenty years of experience and has taught thousands of lessons online. She is also formally licensed to teach Quranic recitation (tajweed) with al-Qaida al-Nooraniyya

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Why Arabic?

Why learn Arabic?

The Arabic language is a global language with a high degree of political, cultural and religious importance in the world. It is a widely spoken language and provides access to the rich history and cultures of Islamic and Arab civilizations, past and present. However, it is also a difficult language, which makes some hesitate to study it. Arabic Everyday strives to simplify the language learning process through fun and engaging Arabic lessons for all ages. We work hard to instill a deep appreciation for the beauty and eloquence of the Arabic language in the hearts of our students with approachable, easy and fun lessons. Our team offers a wide variety of courses for native and non-native speakers

  • Classical Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic for native and non-native speakers from the beginner level to the advanced level through the application of all four core language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing Know More »
  • Levantine colloquial Arabic for native and non-native speakers from the beginner level to the advanced level through the application of all four core language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing Know More »
  • Egyptian colloquial Arabic for native and non-native speakers from the beginner level to the advanced level through the application of all four corse language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing Know More »
  • The Arabic language and its grammar for native speakers of Arabic. Know More »
  • Foundations of Arabic pronunciation and reading the Quran for native and non-native speakers
  • Quranic Recitation and Memorization for all ages and levels (Group and individual courses offered)
  • Learning Al-Qaida An-Noraniah for children and adults Know More »

Certificates obtained by Ms. Rafah


Bachelor's degree from Aleppo University
( Faculty of Arabic Language Arts )

Master of Language Teaching

Master in Teaching Arabic to non-native speakers from Istanbul Aydın University in Istanbul

Training Courses

Various training courses for teaching Arabic to native and non-native speakers in Cairo

Functional Certificate

Functional Certificate for Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language issued by the American University in Cairo

Al-Qaeda Al-Noorania Education License

License in teaching Al-Qaida Al-Noorania (from His Excellency Engineer Muhammad Al-Ra'i) and the Noble Qur'an

Available Courses

For non-Arabic speakers

For Arabic speakers

Classical Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic for non-native speakers

Targets By Levels

Introductory Level

♦ The lesson learn the letters, their shapes, voices, typing and composition to form a word with the ability to read them.
♦ the student will be able to install and read the letters
♦ Long and short movements distinguished
♦ Recognize the intensity and differentiation of the voice
♦ Train for listening skill.

Beginner Level

At this level, useful conversations are taught in daily life and self-talk as well as explaining the rules that help to install sentences. Distinguishing between memoir and feminine

Intermediate Level

At this level we use dedicated books as well as comics where the student is able to use the conversation skill more and not every level is without using the skills needed for learning: listening, talking, reading and writing, as well as the rules needed to install correct sentences.

Advanced Level

♦ Creation of topics for discussion in multiple daily, social, economic and political areas

♦ addition to books and training for this level

Curricula used for non-Arabs
• A series of book Miftah Al-Arabiya
• A series of book Alasas
• A series of book Al-Arabiya Bayn Yedayk
• Comic Stories
• Arabic media language
• Advanced level of Arabic media language
• Atakallum
• Let's read and build vocabulary book
• Dedicated topics for discussion

Levantine colloquial

  • Junior Level : students will be able to communicate in real life situations, Using daily vocabulary, as well as reading and writing via Arabic, with skills coverage: listening, speaking, reading and writing, with special emphasis on listening and speaking. The student will study: greetings, self-identification, asking people about their names and nationalities, giving instructions and directions to taxi drivers, shopping and gifts for friends, numbers, money, prices, as well as dealing with daily routines in simple and short sentences, making a simple request and making simple apologies
  • Intermediate Level : students can present themselves and request personal information, Responding to conversations, describing events and things.
  • High Intermediate Level : Students will be able to talk about lifestyle, describe past places and events, use qualities more widely to describe changes between the past and the present, and express the preferences they love and hate.
  • Advanced Level : Confident handling of complex tasks and social attitudes such as talking about tradition, leisure and expressing opinions.
  • Higher Advanced Level: Students will be able to communicate in Arabic, accuracy and effectiveness. Talk about different topics in formal and informal environments.

Literacy is taught from the introductory level to the advanced level according to a plan suitable for each level that includes the use of a book from our preparation as well as comics and topics for discussion


Egyptian colloquial

Book : Arabic Kalmani Series, This is 5 books. Know More

Junior Level (kallimni arabi Bishweesh)
Middle Level (kallimni 'Arabi )
Intermediate - High Level (kallimni 'Arabi Aktar)
Advanced Level (kallimni 'Arabi Mazboot)
High Advanced Level (kallimni 'Arabi fi kull Haaga)

Egyptian Slang Books

Targets By Levels

Al-Qaida An-Noraniah

Proper pronunciation of letters and words in order to master the reading of the Holy Koran and its provisions according to a comprehensive and effective methodology


Teaching to read the Holy Koran properly for beginners where the student's information is built from scratch. The actual application of the provisions of intonation elevates the student with God's permission to a level that qualifies him to the best reading of the Holy Koran

Classical Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic for native speakers

Teaching the Arabic language to its children in an integrated manner, including reading, writing, expression and focusing on the rules according to its school curriculum and age or the use of curricula that are appropriate to its level and age

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